Get ready for the Camino!


  • How long does this course take to complete?

    There are approximately 75 minutes of videos plus numerous documents.You can spend about 2 hours going through every module and tip in the course, or you can experience this 10 minutes at a time when you want a break in your day.

  • I'm not an athlete. Can I do this?

    YES! If you are willing to walk a little each day and want to invest in your mental, emotional and physical well-being, then you are ready for this!

  • Are there tests or quizzes?

    Nope. Even though this is called a "course", there are no graded tests or quizzes. You're here to prepare to have fun.

  • Do I need to go through every single module?

    No. You can go through any module in any order.

  • I'll be going with a different company. Will this still help me?

    Absolutely! There are a few "lessons" that are specific to how Fresco Tours works with their clients. Everything else applies to anyone going on the Camino with a travel company.

  • I see information in here that doesn't apply to me. Why is it there?

    This course was designed for the group I took on the Camino. Instead of removing "our" information, I've left it there because it might spur you to think about what you should know in preparation for your particular Camino itinerary. Buen Camino!

Course Modules

  • 1
    Welcome to "Preparing for the Camino de Santiago"!
    • Welcome! Start here...
    • How to Use this Platform: a quick tutorial from the folks at Thinkific
    • Camino Background - 3:09
    • The Compostela - 1:07
    • Why Fresco Tours? - 3:06
  • 2
    Fresco Tours Documents
    • Itinerary June 17 - 27
    • FAQ
  • 3
    • June 27th Timeline (last day of tour)
    • Daily Camino Routine with Fresco Tours
    • Sample Conditioning Schedule
    • Supplies to Consider
    • Things to Do in Porto, Portugal
  • 4
    Preparing to Leave
    • Leave Home and Work Behind - 3:18
    • First and Last Hotels - 2:03
    • Arriving in Porto / Departing from Santiago - 3:04
    • Things to do in Porto, Portugal - 3:26
    • Conditioning - 5:29
    • Studying Ahead + Fresco Tours Daily Routine - 3:17
    • Checklist: Escape from Work
    • Checklist: Escape from Home
    • Checklist: Escape from Travel Drama
    • Checklist: Escape from Home & Travel Drama (condensed version)
  • 5
    Camino Supplies
    • Footwear aka Shoes! - 1:49
    • Tops - 1:25
    • Hats - 0:44
    • Bottoms - 1:00
    • Day Bag or Day Pack - 2:08
    • Van Bag - 0:57
  • 6
    Packing for a Vacation
    • Checklist: Escape from Packing Meltdowns
    • The Secret to Maximizing Space - 3:20
    • Packing Light: Carry-On Only - 8:45
    • Medications Bag - 4:03
    • Toiletries Bag - 6:46
    • Electronics Bag - 3:57
    • Purse or Messenger Bag - 4:09
    • Backpack or "Personal Item" - 4:04
    • How to Store Your Passport and Credit Cards - 2:21
    • Dealing with a Lost Passport - 0:51
  • 7
    Finisterre or Fisterra
    • What is this place?
    • What are the details about this optional half-day visit?
  • 8
    • Should we order our pilgrim credentials in advance?
    • Will laundry be available?
    • Is any part of this seminar tax deductible as a business expense?
    • Do we have to pay gratuities while traveling with Fresco Tours?
    • I would like to ask if you would please send me a very simple packing list for the Camino. Since you have been on the Camino before you really know how many pants, shirts - long and short sleeve, etc. to pack.
    • What do you carry as your on plane personal item vs bag while walking?
    • Fresco tours will carry one carry on size bag for ya right? So if our personal plane item is NOT our trail carry bag where does that go?
    • sun screen. Any recommendations on liquid/spray/solid as far as efficiency on the walk and packing ease?
    • Can you bring nail file and clippers in carry on?
    • Are credit cards accepted along The Camino?
    • Did I understand correctly that the author of one of the books you sent to us is going to be our guide?
    • Can we bring CBD oil or CBD oil-based products with us?
    • Question about international plan for cell phone
    • What will you wear in the evenings?
  • 9
    Buen Camino!
    • Before you go...

Meet Your Instructor

  • Helene Segura, MA Ed, CPO

    Time Management Fixer

    Helene Segura, MA Ed, CPO

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