Create an online learning community for your students!

In the spring of 2020, you were thrown into the virtual world because of the Coronavirus. You survived, but is there a more effective way to build a virtual learning environment?

In this course, you'll discover how to easily create your Google Site using the components that will best serve the needs of your students.

This two-hour virtual seminar was recorded on July 15, 2020, and has been divided into easy-to-review mini-modules.
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Course Content

  • 1
    Key Concepts of the Virtual Learning Environment
    • Examine the key components of your physical classroom - 6:26
    • Translate your physical classroom into a virtual experience - 4:43
    • Why not use *only* Google Classroom? - 1:57
    • What we're building today and why - 3:29
    • Access to consider when publishing - 2:09
  • 2
    Build Your Home Page
    • Overview: The elements of a home page - 3:17
    • Classic Sites vs New Sites 1:05
    • Blank Site vs Template 0:41
    • Create your new (blank) Google site - 1:04
    • Name your Google site and give your Home Page a title - 2:01
    • How to preview your site - 1:28
    • Edit your site's theme and header - 0:56
    • Layout Tools + Create your welcome message - 2:50
    • More Layout Tools + Add elements to your home page - 7:58
    • How to publish your site - 1:50
    • Why and how to create a shortened URL - 4:00
  • 3
    Create a Lesson
    • Overview of Lesson Elements 14:19
    • Create a Lesson or New Page or New Unit 8:32
    • Begin with task-oriented student instructions 2:32
    • Introduce the students to the lesson 1:56
    • Add a video and guiding questions 2:23
    • Collect student responses via Google Forms 8:49
    • Add a Google Form to your site 1:38
    • Manage student responses in Google Forms 2:40
    • Flipgrid 4:20
    • Add scaffolded supports 1:34
    • Insert a recorded Google Meets video 5:50
    • Publish Your Lesson or Page 0:31
    • "I'm overwhelmed by all these components and lessons I need to create. Where should I start?" 1:17
  • 4
    • About Your Guest Instructor: Justin Pozos
    • About This Platform's Instructor: Helene Segura
    • Back to school preparation for teachers - a few quick tips
    • Productivity Kickstarter Kit
    • Additional Time Management Solutions
    • Comedy video: "What Teachers Really Say About Distance Learning"

About Your Guest Instructor:

Justin Pozos

Justin Pozos is an educator in San Antonio, Texas. He has served the community of Harlandale ISD since 2002 as a high school English teacher and District Coordinator. He spent the past twelve years moonlighting as an Instructor and Lecturer for Northwest Vista College and The University of Texas at San Antonio.
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