Sheltering in Place?
(Remember when that's what we all talked about?!?)

COVID-19 upended our lives, but now it’s time to take back control!

If you live in a household of more than one, chances are you are moving around to avoid your spouse’s conferences, attempting to figure out homeschooling and sitting around more than usual because, well, you’re at home.

We’re navigating a new normal that might be here a couple of weeks or possibly several months.

If you seek ideas for a new way of doing things or solutions to the juggling you’re doing now (even if it's more than two years since COVID entered our lives!), join us for strategies and tactics that will give you the balance you seek.
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Topics Covered:

*How can you accomplish everything you need to do when someone is constantly in your hair?

*How in the world do you create a schedule for everyone at home?

Stop dog paddling!
Walk away with best practices and a schedule you can begin implementing immediately!
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Live seminar was recorded on
Monday, March 30, 2020
1 hour

There are only two topics we’ll cover because we’re going to deep dive.

We’ll walk through exercises during which you will create schedules that work for your situation.

The seminar handouts are included.

This seminar is for both employees and entrepreneurs.

The information we’ll cover will be most helpful to those who have a household of more than one. If you’re a household of one, you’ll learn time management strategies and tactics to implement on your own – or if you need to take in family or friends.

The Q&A portion is included – answering questions that were submitted beforehand, as well as those submitted through the chat box.

Did you notice? This is full of content and not sales pitches!

What are you waiting for?!

Course curriculum

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    The Handout
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    Attend the Seminar
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  • 4
    Seminar Recording
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    • Productivity Kickstarter Kit
    • Resources mentioned during the seminar
    • Additional Solutions

Meet Helene Segura

  • Helene Segura, MA Ed, CPO

    Time Management Fixer

    Helene Segura, MA Ed, CPO

    Time management fixer Helene Segura delivers thought-provoking, yet entertaining time management keynotes and seminars that give busy professionals the powerful strategies and tactics they need to cut lost time. By improving efficiency, she helps companies lower employee stress levels, decrease absenteeism, improve retention, and increase profits.

    The author of four books - two of which were Amazon best-sellers - Helene has been the featured organizational expert in more than 200 media interviews including publications such as US News and World Report and Money Magazine, as well as on Fox, CBS, ABC and NBC affiliates.

    Her Bachelor’s degree from Texas A&M University is in Political Science. She focused on international affairs, so she learned about negotiations and the importance of dissecting situations from different perspectives. Her Master’s degree from UTSA is in Educational Leadership. She learned about running a business, as well as educational psychology – behavior change and behavior management. Since 2006, in both her individual consulting and trainings, she's used all of those skills to teach audiences how to pin-point their barriers to personal efficiency and implement changes that will save their sanity – and save the companies for which they work a great deal of money.

    When she's not revealing solutions as The Inefficiency Assassin, she enjoys experimenting with recipes, traveling and watching movies.