Movies and Time Management - really?!?

You deserve a break, so you should take one!

You're already trying everything possible to improve your productivity and time management skills, but you're still wondering if there are other secrets out there.

Here's the thing...sometimes the most important lessons stare us right in the face when we're watching a movie or listening to music.

Why not enjoy a great flick or song and pick up a few life-changing pointers all at once?

How efficient - and fun!


This episode was recorded on
Thursday, June 25, 2020
15 minutes of movie magic

This week's episode is about:

The Last Word

Is your life fulfilling?

Do you live a life with purpose?

What do you want the last word about you to be?

In today’s broadcast, we’ll delve into three important life lessons.
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Your broadcast host:

  • Helene Segura, MA Ed, CPO

    Time Management Fixer

    Helene Segura, MA Ed, CPO

    Time management fixer Helene Segura delivers thought-provoking, yet entertaining time management keynotes and seminars that give busy professionals the powerful strategies and tactics they need to cut lost time. By improving efficiency, she helps companies lower employee stress levels, decrease absenteeism, improve retention, and increase profits.

    The author of four books - two of which were Amazon best-sellers - Helene has been the featured organizational expert in more than 200 media interviews including publications such as US News and World Report and Money Magazine, as well as on Fox, CBS, ABC and NBC affiliates.

    Her Bachelor’s degree from Texas A&M University is in Political Science. She focused on international affairs, so she learned about negotiations and the importance of dissecting situations from different perspectives. Her Master’s degree from UTSA is in Educational Leadership. She learned about running a business, as well as educational psychology – behavior change and behavior management. Since 2006, in both her individual consulting and trainings, she's used all of those skills to teach audiences how to pin-point their barriers to personal efficiency and implement changes that will save their sanity – and save the companies for which they work a great deal of money.

    When she's not revealing solutions as The Inefficiency Assassin, she enjoys experimenting with recipes, traveling and watching movies.