Course Curriculum

  • 1
    Welcome to the course!
    • How to Use This Platform: a quick tutorial from the folks at Thinkific
    • Let's get acquainted 1:18
    • How to get the most from this course 4:26
    • The Big Picture - how everything fits together 2:13
    • Visuals - what you won't see 1:22
  • 2
    Module 21 - Know Where Your Time Goes
  • 3
    Module 22 - Schedule Around Your Personal Priorities and Targets
    • Download your Module 22 worksheet here
    • 22a Schedule Around Your Personal Priorities and Targets - Goal 3:41
    • 22b Schedule Around Your Personal Priorities and Targets- Tactics 11:47
    • 22c Schedule Around Your Personal Priorities and Targets - Strategies 6:56
    • 22d Schedule Around Your Personal Priorities and Targets - Next Steps 1:16
  • 4
    Module 23 - Determine Your High Value Work Responsibilities
  • 5
    Module 24 - Schedule Around Your Work Priorities and Targets
    • Download your Module 24 worksheet here
    • Download your Module 24 worksheet here
    • 24a Schedule Around Your Work Priorities and Targets - Goal 3:24
    • 24b Schedule Around Your Work Priorities and Targets - Tactics 7:46
    • 24c Schedule Around Your Work Priorities and Targets - Strategies 13:02
    • 24d Schedule Around Your Work Priorities and Targets - Next Steps 2:23
  • 6
    Module 25 - Scheduling for Road Warriors
    • Download your Module 25 worksheet here
    • 25a Scheduling for Road Warriors - Goal 2:11
    • 25b Scheduling for Road Warriors - Tactics 0:29
    • 25c Scheduling for Road Warriors - Strategies 7:58
    • 25d Scheduling for Road Warriors - Next Steps 2:21
  • 7
    Where do you go from here?
    • Food for thought before you depart 5:32
    • More resources for you

Tell your time what to do!

When you understand what your priorities are and how much time to devote to them, you'll be able to protect your time. This Time Protection course will teach you how to do this!
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Meet Your Instructor

  • Helene Segura, MA Ed, CPO

    Time Management Fixer

    Helene Segura, MA Ed, CPO

    Time management fixer Helene Segura delivers thought-provoking, yet entertaining time management keynotes and seminars that give busy professionals the powerful strategies and tactics they need to cut lost time. By improving efficiency, she helps companies lower employee stress levels, decrease absenteeism, improve retention, and increase profits.

    The author of four books - two of which were Amazon best-sellers - Helene has been the featured organizational expert in more than 200 media interviews including publications such as US News and World Report and Money Magazine, as well as on Fox, CBS, ABC and NBC affiliates.

    Her Bachelor’s degree from Texas A&M University is in Political Science. She focused on international affairs, so she learned about negotiations and the importance of dissecting situations from different perspectives. Her Master’s degree from UTSA is in Educational Leadership. She learned about running a business, as well as educational psychology – behavior change and behavior management. Since 2006, in both her individual consulting and trainings, she's used all of those skills to teach audiences how to pin-point their barriers to personal efficiency and implement changes that will save their sanity – and save the companies for which they work a great deal of money.

    When she's not revealing solutions as The Inefficiency Assassin, she enjoys experimenting with recipes, traveling and watching movies.


  • Do I need to go through the entire course before I start seeing any changes?

    No. When you begin to implement the strategies and tactics from Module 21, you'll begin thinking differently about how you make decisions about your time - and how you're going to protect your most precious resource. As you complete each module, you'll add to your brain skills and gain back more and more time.

  • How long does this course take to complete?

    There are nearly 2 hours of videos. If you choose to complete the handouts with each module, the total time to allow for this course is 2.5 to 3.5 hours. Each "lesson" takes less than 10 minutes - piece of cake! When you invest a couple of hours into your time management tool belt, you'll gain back hours of time each week!

  • I've never been successful before with my attempts at time management and guarding my time. Is there hope for me?

    Absolutely! It's possible that other courses you took in the past focused on "hacks" instead of deep learning. When you only learn quick tricks, success is rarely long-term. In all of my courses, you'll learn the ever-popular tricks and tips, but you'll also learn the mindset it takes to implement them for the long-term. More importantly, if you're asking this question, it sounds like you're truly ready to change. When you make the commitment to yourself to be present and focus on your goals, you'll be successful.

  • Are there tests or quizzes?

    There are no graded tests or quizzes because your true assessment happens when you choose to implement the strategies and tactics you'll learn.

  • What's the deal with the different Module numbers?

    My "Time Management Tactics for Working Smarter, Not Longer" curriculum is divided into four parts:
    1 - Create Clarity (Modules 1 - 6);
    2 - Implement Structure and Flow (Modules 7 - 25);
    3 - Assemble Your Team (Modules 26 - 30);
    4 - Situational Solutions (Modules 31 - 42).

    Instead of starting each course with Module 1, I’ve left the original Module numbers in place for students who wish to work their way through all of the curriculum.

  • Do I need to go through all 42 of your modules in order to make my work life and personal life more manageable?

    Nope. That's why I've sectioned out all of my curriculum, so you can triage your most immediate challenges and work on those courses first. Will it help if you take the Create Clarity course first? Sure. It lays the foundation for successful long-term productivity. But do you HAVE to take it first? No. Any course you take will teach you to win back control of your time.

  • Where does this course fit into the big picture?

    This course is part of the "Implement Structure and Flow" section and is 1 of the 5 key elements of your work day that you should control:
    *Assignment and Task Completion
    *Go Bag & Work Space Layout
    *Electronic Communication
    *Notes, Document and File Management
    *Time Protection
    All 5 of these courses are available in the bundle called "Implement Structure and Flow".
    Do you need to purchase all 5 in order to gain back time?
    No. You can purchase one at a time, depending on which courses you need in order to alleviate the pain points you currently have.